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    Business areas

    Business areas

    JeCoNet is one of the leading companies in the international trade of used medical and home equipment. Furthermore, with the help of its network, JeCoNet also offers complete services for the optimal marketing of medical and hospital equipment as well as a selection of new equipment and accessories. As part of its commitment to growth and expansion, JeCoNet also offers a sophisticated franchise concept.

    International trade in used medical and domestic equipment

    JeCoNet - Jens Colsman - Medizintechnik Haustechnik Geschäftsfelder

    JeCoNet offers any kind of used medical and home technology equipment worldwide. Due to the fact that the used medical technology devices were generally previously used in human medicine, they have been regularly maintained and tested by the manufacturer or authorised specialist companies in accordance with the strict German legal regulations of the MedGV or the MPG, if required. Therefore, all devices are also in a good condition of use according to their age and are technically in order. All devices are additionally tested for function by JeCoNet before delivery. If requested by the customer, JeCoNet organises the delivery within Germany by parcel service DPD or forwarding agency Schenker.

    In the international environment JeCoNet offers in addition to the devices all services necessary for the delivery abroad. This starts with the professional packaging, the handling of customs formalities at the German customs (export declaration) as well as the delivery by truck, sea or air freight worldwide. The prerequisite for this is that the import of the second-hand equipment is permitted in the recipient country.

    Service for the optimal marketing of medical and hospital technology

    JeCoNet trades in and commissions used medical and hospital technology. JeCoNet initially offers hospitals in the central Ruhr region a unique full service. JeCoNet takes care of the complete best possible and timely marketing of all technical equipment of a hospital. This service starts with the recording of the technical details. Furthermore, a good sales price is agreed with the hospital for the respective devices. JeCoNet takes over the complete marketing of all devices including the delivery to the respective buyers.

    Furthermore, JeCoNet also takes over the marketing of the complete inventory of a closed hospital. Due to the large number of customers, JeCoNet has already been able to market the majority of the inventory of two closed hospitals very successfully in 2005.

    JeCoNet - Jens Colsman - Medizintechnik Haustechnik Geschäftsfelder

    Franchising concept

    Due to the enormous success of the last few years, JeCoNet has developed a franchising concept for broader market coverage, which offers competent and committed people with the firm intention of starting their own business in other regions the opportunity to participate in the customer base and thus in the success of JeCoNet. Those interested in this concept can obtain more information in the section Franchising.

    New equipment and accessories

    JeCoNet also offers a selected range in the area of new devices. Furthermore, JeCoNet offers common accessories for medical technology devices on request.

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