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    Due to the enormous success of JeCoNet since its foundation, we have decided to expand. However, this expansion is not to be achieved in the form of expanding the business operations through additional employees or branches at other locations, but through the implementation of a sophisticated franchise concept.

    The advantages of this franchise concept

    For many years, franchising has been a very adequate construct to achieve successful business expansion with basically independent entrepreneurs (franchisees). Some now very large companies, such as the DIY chain OBI, have achieved their enormous growth in recent years through the consistent implementation of this construct.

    The main advantage of this construct is to see that the respective franchisee brings in a maximum of motivation and commitment as a self-responsible entrepreneur. This combined with an already existing and proven business model leads with absolutely high probability to success even with a qualified franchisee.

    JeCoNet - Jens Colsman - Medizintechnik Haustechnik Franchise

    JeCoNet has meanwhile developed such a franchise concept for the planned expansion. Here, several sensibly structured franchise regions are awarded to the franchisee within Germany. Within one of these regions, the franchisee sets up business operations according to a concept specified by JeCoNet. Initially, all that is required is an adequate office with the appropriate communication media of telephone, fax, mobile phone and internet. JeCoNet provides the franchisee with the necessary expertise to manage the associated tasks to a defined extent in corresponding training courses.

    The franchisee then receives tremendous support from JeCoNet on an ongoing basis, especially from a sales perspective, as follows:

    • Use of JeCoNet's good name and name recognition.
    • Use of the established internet platform www.jeconet.de as a favourable worldwide sales channel
    • Participation in the customer base built up by JeCoNet through central e-marketing

    In our opinion, the following personality traits and qualifications are necessary for a franchisee to accomplish this task:

    • strong personality with the absolute will to become permanently successful in self-employment
    • strong affinity for sales, good manners, absolute reliability, organisational talent
    • good technical understanding
    • good knowledge of English
    • good commercial knowledge
    • good PC and Internet skills

    If you have these personality traits and qualifications and are interested in taking up independent work as a JeCoNet franchisee in a region outside NRW, then we look forward to receiving your informative application to Mr. Dipl. Betriebswirt Jens C. Colsman by email at kontakt@jeconet.de.

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